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Welcome to the Excustoria Wiki[]

World building Excustoria, the meteoric dust magic planet of Writing Excuses (Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells). Please world build on the appropriate pages (e.g., Coastal Ecology) and not on the home page. I've been moving individual species to their own pages (e.g., Giant Spider), and questions regarding that species to that page's talk page (e.g., Giant Spider Talk). If anyone wants to help, that would be great. The Coastal Ecology page serves as a summary page for species relevant to the area.

There seems to be a slight misunderstanding about my... control? position? over this wiki, where I'm a gatekeeper or editor (or something) for totally new content. I'm not, I'm just the guy who happened to make the wiki (using someone else's free service, heheh). So, if you want a Weather page, or a Geography page, have at it. All you have to do is go to the location of the page you want to create (for example, http://excustoria.wikia.com/wiki/Planetary_Conditions), click "Create" or "Add to this page" and have at it!

That being said, I will exercise my administrative powers (which are considerable, I assure you) to keep this a fun place for us all, but this will largely (I expect) consist of reverting defacements and (possibly) preventing arguments from getting too out of control. I'll also try and keep the structure under control (I know a fair bit about information architecture), but this isn't anything anyone else couldn't do, since everyone can create pages and categories.

But as far as content is concerned, my vote doesn't count any more than the next person's. Think of me more as a forum moderator than a gatekeeper: my job is to make sure the content is appropriate (i.e., related to fantasy world building and not enhancement pills), but not to direct what fantasy world we end up building more than anyone else.

Finally (yeah, I said it), some questions to think about when making your flora/fauna.

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